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Friday, 18 December 2009 16:15

Patch 3.3 went live and now [Emblem of Triumph] is the new base currency for purchasing gear. With the new Dungeon Finder system, farming emblems is easier than ever. I've gathered together a list of all the gear that a Tankadin might want to purchase with Emblems of Triumph.

In case you're having trouble finding where to spend your emblems, don't feel bad as it's a little confusing. The T9 gear is only sold by the Triumphant Armor Vendors at the Argent Tournament Grounds in Icecrown: Aspirant Forudir (Alliance) and Aspirant Naradiel (Horde). For the non-tier pieces, talk to the Emblem of Triumph Quartermasters: Arcanist Asarina (Alliance) and Magistrix Iruvia (Horde). There's also various vendors around Dalaran that sell the non-tier pieces.

There's a five-piece item level 232 "of Conquest" (Tier 9) set:

CostiLevelTypeHorde NameAlliance Name
50 232 Head [Liadrin's Faceguard of Conquest] [Turalyon's Faceguard of Conquest]
50 232 Chest [Liadrin's Breastplate of Conquest] [Turalyon's Breastplate of Conquest]
50 232 Legs [Liadrin's Legguards of Conquest] [Turalyon's Legguards of Conquest]
30 232 Shoulder [Liadrin's Shoulderguards of Conquest] [Turalyon's Shoulderguards of Conquest]
30 232 Hands [Liadrin's Handguards of Conquest] [Turalyon's Handguards of Conquest]

There's two item level 245 non-set pieces:

CostiLevelTypeHorde NameAlliance Name
75 245 Head [Headplate of the Honorbound] [Faceplate of the Honorbound]
45 245 Shoulder [Shoulderguards of Enduring Order] [Shoulderplates of Enduring Order]

There's a new trinket, ring, and libram, all of which are also item level 245:

50 245 Trinket [Glyph of Indomitability]
35 245 Ring [Clutch of Fortification]
25 245 Libram [Libram of Defiance]

You'll notice that certain gear slots are neglected in the Emblem of Triumph selection: cloak, neck, wrist, waist, feet as well as the second trinket and ring. If you can't fill these slots with drops or crafted items, you can purchase items by downgrading your [Emblem of Triumph] to...

[Emblem of Conquest]:

28 226 Belt [Shieldwarder Girdle]
19 226 Neck [Shard of the Crystal Forest]

[Emblem of Valor]:

60 213 Wrists [Bracers of Dalaran's Parapets]
40 213 Feet [Kyzoc's Ground Stompers]
25 213 Cloak [Platinum Mesh Cloak]
25 213 Ring [Signet of the Impregnable Fortress]

[Emblem of Heroism]:

40 200 Trinket [Valor Medal of the First War]

The only two remaining slots that cannot be filled with Emblem gear are your weapon and shield. While farming dungeons, with any luck you'll fill those slots, and you'll probably come across a few items that are better than some of the lower level badge gear:

Halls of Reflection (H) 232 One-handed Axe [Falric's Wrist-Chopper]
Halls of Reflection (H) 232 Head [Second Helm of the Executioner]
Halls of Reflection (H) 232 Neck [Fossilized Ammonite Choker]
Pit of Saron (H) 232 One-handed Sword [Rimefang's Claw]
Pit of Saron (H) 232 Shoulder [Shoulderplates of Frozen Blood]
Pit of Saron (H) 232 Chest [Icebound Bronze Cuirass]
Pit of Saron (H) 232 Trinket [Ick's Rotting Thumb]
The Forge of Souls (H) 232 Feet [Black Spire Sabatons]
Halls of Reflection (N) 219 Cloak [Eerie Runeblade Polisher]
Halls of Reflection (N) 219 Hands [Crystalline Citadel Gauntlets]
Halls of Reflection (N) 219 Shield [Splintered Door of the Citadel]
Pit of Saron (N) 219 Chest [Scourgelord's Frigid Chestplate]
The Forge of Souls (N) 219 One-handed Mace [Lucky Old Sun]
The Forge of Souls (N) 219 Legs [Legplates of Frozen Granite]
The Forge of Souls (N) 219 Feet [Sollerets of Suffering]
HoS/PoS/FoS (N) 219 Waist [Titanium Links of Lore]
Trial of the Champion (H) 219 One-handed Sword [Peacekeeper Blade]
Trial of the Champion (H) 219 Head [Helm of the Crestfallen Challenger]
Trial of the Champion (H) 219 Neck [The Warlord's Depravity]
Trial of the Champion (H) 219 Shoulder [Regal Aurous Shoulderplates]
Trial of the Champion (H) 219 Ring [Mark of the Relentless]
Trial of the Champion (N) 200 Hands [Mercy's Hold]
Trial of the Champion (N) 200 Waist [Girdle of the Pallid Knight]
Trial of the Champion (N) 200 Legs [Legguards of Abandoned Fealty]
Trial of the Champion (N) 200 Feet [Boots of Heartfelt Repentance]
Trial of the Champion (N) 200 Trinket [The Black Heart]
Utgarde Pinnacle (H) 200 One-handed Sword [Red Sword of Courage]
The Culling of Stratholme (H) 200 Shield [Royal Crest of Lordaeron]
Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom (H) 200 Wrist [Bracers of the Herald]
Gundrak (H) 200 Hands [Horn-Tipped Gauntlets]
Azjol-Nerub (H) 200 Waist [Ancient Aligned Girdle]
The Violet Hold (H) 200 Legs [Bolstered Legplates]
Drak'Tharon Keep (H) 200 Ring [Keystone Great-Ring]

Finally, I should note that the first random heroic you do each day with the Dungeon Finder awards two [Emblem of Frost]. It will take a while, but there are a few very desirable items that can be purchased once you save up enough of them. Note that the consensus in the theorycrafting community is that the new Libram isn't that great and you should spend your badges on some of the better pieces first:

60 264 Trinket [Corroded Skeleton Key]
50 264 Cloak [Sentinel's Winter Cloak]


Happy Farming!

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